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Luna the Manor Field Junior School Dog

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Luna our school dog.

 At Manor Field Junior School we are always looking for new ways to support our children and provide different opportunities to help them show our school values. Luna is a cavapoo and belongs to Mrs Coe and her family. We hope that Luna will be able to provide a different, additional level of support for the children in our school and over time she will move onto more specialised school dog training.



Introduction to Luna

Luna Risk Assessment



Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child is scared of dogs?

We would be very careful to avoid any negative impacts on children, and we will work closely with parents and children to provide a safe and worry free environment. Please do let us know if you feel your child would be concerned with a school dog. Equally, one of the benefits of having a dog in school is being able to support children who may be fearful, and helping them to see that dogs can be friendly – and knowing how to respond around dogs.

What if my child is allergic to dogs?

Luna is an F1 Cavapoo which makes her far less likely to cause an allergic reaction to someone with an allergy to dogs. However, we will always want to work with parents to ensure that children are safe, whatever their needs. Please do let us know if your child might have an allergy to dogs. 

Is the dog insured?

Yes, Luna is insured and a full risk assessment completed and regularly updated. 

Will Luna be health checked and vaccinated?

Yes, as part of the risk assessment for Luna, she must have her injections as required and annual checks at the vets. 

What about going to the toilet?

Luna will be not be allowed to go on the school field or playground. She will have a dedicated space at the front of the school and any mess will always be cleaned up fully. Should there be accidents within school, then this will always be thoroughly cleaned. 

How will you ensure the dog's welfare is maintained?

This is one of the most important aspects. We will always ensure that Luna is happy and safe – as we do with our pupils! Whilst moving around on site, and with any children, she will be on a lead (chest harness) in order to maintain safe control for all involved. 

What will Luna do?

Our aim will be that all the children have the opportunity to have quality time with Luna and learn how to care for her. She will also be available to calm unsettled children and walk around the school on a lead with a member of staff at appropriate times of the day so that she isn’t a distraction to the children. Luna will need to take walks, and we would involve in the children in this when appropriate. Luna can also help in the curriculum e.g. learning about keeping others safe, responsibility, writing instructions about caring for others etc.

What about the costs? 

As the Coe family pet, all current costs associated with Luna will be covered by Mrs Coe. 

I thought dogs weren't allowed on site?

That's right they aren't. However, special permission is given for Luna as there is a full risk assessment in place for her. 


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