GSO Test

Autumn 1

The Glarings...!

Throughout this project, the children will explore the importance of belonging and having their own identity. Inspired by the story, ‘Varjak Paw’, by S.F. Said, we will unpick the key characters in the text, evaluating how negative choices can impact on those around us. As principled Manor Field learners, we will discuss and debate whether Varjak should risk his life, for a family who have left him feeling ‘different’ and isolated, whilst advising them how they can make more principled, responsible choices.

Is the "grass always greener" on the other side...?

"We have the right to an identity, which nobody should take away from us."

- Article 8, UNCRC.






Autumn 1 Topic Overview

Autumn 1 Rationale

Autumn 1 Key Questions